Welcome to the Circus!

My name is Martha, I live in Somerset with my little family and I love being creative. I began painting Circus Signs during lockdown in 2020. Prior to this I was lucky enough to work for the greatest show on earth, Glastonbury Festival. Needless to say, due to COVID my job there came to an abrupt end, and like many others I became a home school teacher. I quickly learned that alongside my new found teaching role I would need a creative outlet for myself! During what really was a crazy time for us all, Circus Signs was born!

I started by painting a few signs for friends and family, and thanks to their support and encouragement I continued. Fast forward 2 years and I've created Circus Signs that have been sent all over the world. Who would've thought it!
I'm now running away with the Circus and using my designs to create other products, starting with clothing, ceramics and replica signs.

I have many exciting ideas up my sleeve and I look forward to sharing them with you all. Thank you for joining my Circus.

Martha x

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